Family Hinds has since 1991 run enterprises initiated from passion for travel experiences, art, music, visual arts, interior design and fragrances. Sandra who works with handmade ceramics and daughter Livia, interior designer and perfume inspirer, welcome to the newly opened design concept store in Stockholm. Sandra is from Italy with her maiden name Mercanti, a family which also has a background from design, building art and architecture.

Mercanti Design is here to give you inspiration to create a home in harmony. Inspired by architectural styles and interior decoration, you will find unique and limited pieces of retro, vintage and antique objects from all over the world and a collection of custom-made decorative pillows in exceptional fabrics with a soft and dense texture from stone washed linen and recycled wool for a warm and comfortable home interior. The handmade ceramics is influenced by nature from places Sandra has visited around the world, each piece is unique and limited.

The sense of smell is important in our daily lives but it also evokes memories ”when I feel the scent of silky powder, it brings me back to childhood memories in Italy”. A scent is never erased. Livia presents a selection of niche fragrances from perfumers in Japan, Italy, France, Los Angeles and New York. You can also find personal signature fragrances for your home. Livia will demonstrate mixture and combinations of fragrances to fit your personality.

Concept Store – Niche perfumes and interior design